Plant Parenthood, offers consultations on a national basis. Working with existing contractors and vendors we will create a custom plantscape to fit your needs. Plant Parenthood has been offering a full service that includes purchasing, installation and maintenance on Long Island, since 1972. We would like to share our expertise in designing and specifying plants that will be aesthetically pleasing and will thrive in your office/lobby environment.

We have the horticultural expertise to creatively design and expertly install your interior plantscape. Studies have shown that a work or retail environment with plants is more conducive to productivity. Plant Parenthood’s landscape designs include an environmental evaluation focusing on light intensity and duration, IIVAC, traffic flow and design.

    1. Our Procedures include:
      On-site Horticultural Evaluations
      Assessment of existing plants and materials for:
      Appropriate Appearance
      Longevity and Environmental Concerns
      Service Recommendations
      Plant Replacement Recommendations
      Written Report of Results, with Suggested Improvements


    1. 30-Day Follow-up Services:
      Acting on your behalf, directing your local existing vendor/interiorscape contractor:
      Assure Quality Control
      Monitor Results of Replacements
      Monitor Results of Service Improvements
      Evaluate Level of On-Going Service at Each Location


    1. Purchasing:
      At your request we can provide further assistance:
      Prepare Specific Bid Packages
      Meet with Existing and Potential Vendors and Contractors
      Evaluate Proposed Cost Estimates
      Renegotiate existing contracts with vendors and contractors


We guarantee your satisfaction, beginning with our initial consultation.
Contact us now, to make your interior landscaping budget more productive,
while enhancing your businesses image and appearance.

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