Planter Choices


By Dee Dee Fox

                                                                                                                President Plant Parenthood, inc.

Designing an Interior Plantscape for Commercial environments is much more than just picking the right plant for an empty corner.

Years ago,  when we studied Interior Plantscape Design,  the focus was on “which plant for which spot”.   Decorative containers were mostly wicker baskets,  terra cotta,  or plastic cylinders that came in white, brown, beige, black, gray and maybe even taupe.      Life was easy.

Sure,  we have always considered lighting,  hvac,  scale,  traffic flow,  etc.

Our main objective, first and foremost,   is specifying  the “Right Plant”.    You must choose a plant that will not only look good,  but will survive and stay healthy and attractive.    By looking good,  it has to “fit” with the area.   A large conference room with high ceilings,  needs a large plant.   An entrance lobby,  the first thing  a client sees when he walks in, should make a statement.  All this is logical, and not very difficult for a professional horticulturist.   We know about lighting levels;  how temperature and humidity can affect our plants.   We can emphatically recommend our live plants.

Now when we design an Interior Plantscape we have hundreds of Decorative Container options.  Colors such as “bronze, or gold”,  Lavender,  Eggplant and Platinum.   Even textures that simulate concrete,  marble,  or ‘paint splatters’.   We can offer  Chrome,  brushed chrome,  bronze,  copper………….

New “resin plastic” planters that look like heavy ceramic,  but are lightweight,  offered in over 50 colors,   and finishes!   New shapes are popping up.  Bells,  urns,  squares, bowls…… panel pots,  half-round wall planters,  ‘saddlebags’.

High gloss ceramic in bright red,  as well as periwinkle blue,  celery,  or


Containers are a matter of taste.

It takes a creative mind  to design a beautiful plantscape…

And if you are really lucky,  you might have a client who will be involved in the design,  open minded,  maybe even bold!

It takes a lot of research,  time,  and an intense love of your work.

But the proof,  and the rewards,  are in the finished product.     To me,  there could be no better profession than one where you can use your creative talents,  make people happy,   bring Nature indoors,  and get to see  the end product

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